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My relatives ~ The Rohrmann's

(The old pictures)



grandfather Richard Johannes Rohrmann (age 22),  
Bitten (age 7 grandmothers younger sister)  and  
grandmother Olga Victoria Rohrmann (born Jepsson, age 19). 

They are standing in front of Copenhagen's City Hall in Denmark. 

Family picture  
Alice (Gunnars wife and Carl's mom), Gunnar (grandma's brother and Carl's father), Julius (grandpa's brother), Erna (grandpa's sister), Richard (grandpa), Olga (grandma), Great grandmother Jepsson, Curt (Dad) and Carl.  


Rohrmann's family picture 1929  
Robert, Christian, Rolf, Richard, Erik, Hansen, Hans  
Anna, Ellen, Hulda, Olga, Else, Erna  
Lasse, Rita, Povl, Curt, Tove, Keld  
Minna, Heine, Parly, Bent, Vagn  
Grandpa and Dad
Gunnar (Grandma's brother)  
Kirsten (Dad's cousin)  
Curt (Dad)  
Richard (Grandpa)

I will add more photo's an other day!


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